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January 6, 2019
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January 22, 2019

I worked mostly night shifts in both the children’s and elderly healthcare sector and did childminding business as a side income in UK. Time came and i decided to quit all these and start up venturing into Serviced Accommodation and together with my husband we own Peace Apartment.
I have succeeded in the Serviced Accommodation business and so i help teach and mentor those interested into this time of business. Out of the experience i have and the people i have interacted with, they are like 7 things that lead to the growth of the business whether Serviced Accommodation or any other.

Growing a business comes down to these 7 things:

1. Mindset
Without the right mindset, one that is focused more on growth than on the excuses that keep us from growing is the first and most important ingredient in being successful in business. You’ve heard the adage – you can do everything wrong with the right mindset and win. And there’s a lot of truth to it. I spoke about the Mindset because truthfully there is no way around it if you want consistent results. If you’re plague by fear, limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs or if you can’t uncover the reason why you’re not where you want to be, there’s probably a mindset issue involved.

2. Brand Messaging
Taking the time to break messaging down into it’s own category first and foremost is a disruption. Most business people lump it all together as “marketing.” But here’s the thing: messaging will determine IF your message ever gets seen. So you need a strong, powerful SPICE problem and SPICE outcome in order to demonstrate that you have a compelling message that makes it clear to prospects that you can help them. When you base your message on the SPICE problem and outcome you offer, you’ll start to rise above the noise.

3. Marketing
Only after you’ve gotten known for a powerful message should you start disseminating it. Marketing is the act of deploying a powerful message through the right avenues to be seen by your most ideal prospects. Because there are more than 50 ways you could be marketing, I know all too well how the “moving Parts of marketing” trip business owners up and keep them from getting the traction they need to grow their businesses.

4. Sales
Nothing happens until someone sells something and if you haven’t been able to master the sales management process including the sales conversation your business will only not grow, it will die. There’s both mapping your sales management system and mastering the right sales conversation (this depends on if you work B to C or B to B.)

5. Operations
Without an infrastructure and the right systems you’ll work way too hard in your business. Not only do systems make success predictable, they position you for support and scale in your business. The way I see it, there are 7 systems every business needs to fully optimize and position itself for scale and profit.

6. Talent
If you’re the only one in your business, your income will always be limited. And building a team to support you and help you to expand your brand doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Building the right team is the only differentiator you really have from your competitors so you have to choose wisely.

7. Leadership and Legacy
Once you have your own team, you’ll need to step up your leadership plans so that you can lead them effectively so that they grow while your company grows. And, it’s around this time that (if you haven’t already) you should be thinking about your legacy – what you’re leaving your family and the indelible mark you’re leaving on the world. The more people on your team, the more important it is to think of your legacy.

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Julian Businge
Julian Businge
Julian Businge ,is an Author,property and business coach ,trainer in serviced accommodation.She is creative, enthusiastic.she helps her clients make money through property even when they don’t own it.

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