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Handy Tips To Save Some Money This Festive season.

It’s the end of the month. You have just been paid, which gives you the green light to live and spend like a king or queen if only for just 24 hrs. This month being December, it is that time of thee year which requires spending a lot on several things like Christmas trees, designs, gifts and so forth. But, there are still ways to less on them.

Get With a Work Colleague
Awkward. Well, actually not. Shacking up with other friends from work in serviced accommodation is the perfect way to save some money. Pay per property and not per person. You can also save money by using the fully equipped kitchens to cook. Aprons optional. You can visit Peace Apartments in Luton. They are very professional and affordable and i believe paying them a visit will save you much more as compared to other houses that offer serviced accommodation.

Just a glimpse of how rooms look like at our Apartments.

Make use of Christmas Offers.
Most stores offer Christmas offers by slashing down on the prices of their commodities/services. why not take up this opportunity and shop all that you require for Christmas at once other. The other alternative is fully utilizing days like “CYBER MONDAY AND BLACK FRIDAYS”. These days are recognized Worldwide and during these days, sellers give discounts of up to 99% which means buying items/products cheaply hence saving a penny.

Black Fridays offer a great deal of discounts.

Send Cards Instead of Gifts
A thoughtful Christmas card shows people that you’re thinking of them and can often mean more than a commercial gift. Save even more money by purchasing cards in bulk. Include a handwritten note that personalizes your card or even Instead of buying gifts for all your friends and family, draw one person’s name and become that person’s Secret Santa. Place a limit on how much to spend. Instead of buying gifts for many people, you can focus your giving on one person

Don’t Spend much on gifts .

Make sure you budget for everything!
I learned this the hard way and I usually add to this category every year. Make sure you budget for your tree, haircuts, Christmas clothes for the kids, gifts for when you go to parties, teacher gifts, and Christmas cards. Those things add up quick!
Ensure you stick with your budget. This can be really hard when you find a gift that you know someone will love, but it’s just over your price range. I know you’ll probably say to yourself that you will spend less in another area, but that never works out, does it. You made a budget, now stick to it!

Lastly, share the costs of food.
If you’re hosting any holiday meals or parties, don’t be shy about telling people what they can bring. Allow others to bring food so everyone can share in the costs of the celebration. Focus on spending time with your loved ones instead of making everything perfect and you can make it the best Christmas ever.
implement these and you will be surprised at how much you will save by the end of this festive season.

Julian Businge
Julian Businge
Julian Businge ,is an Author,property and business coach ,trainer in serviced accommodation.She is creative, enthusiastic.she helps her clients make money through property even when they don’t own it.

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