Look around you…

Almost every day you see another Aibnb ,holidaylets or serviced accomodation success story.
These are ‘ordinary’ people who’ve taken the leap to launch a successful business using the spare rooms in their homes or using other peoples’ properties.
Most of them having NO Entrepreneurial experience before doing so.
And now they live a life of complete freedom…

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How do I know ?

Because I’ve helped my students reach their goals following my system.

My name is Julian Businge, and I want to share with you how to start your serviced accomodation business or commonly reffered to as Airbnb business Fast…

Most people think if you want to be successful with property you need to…

  • Spend a lot up front…

  • Be experienced at marketing and advertising

If you’ve considered starting an Airbnb property business, or you’ve already got one and you’re looking for a proven model for sustainable growth.

Serviced Accommodation…No Limits


Serviced accommodation has little or no limits – our proven process will work anywhere in the world.

The Step by Step Model Is Designed To Guide You To Success


Establish your goals with this business, and within this industry.


No dream is ever realised without work. It’s here we create your strategic roadmap.


You’ll learn how to harness the power of the internet – to generate incoming bookings, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Knowledge and experience here is vital in ensuring your business is legally compliant and have covered all aspects of health and safety. I will guide you through the bureaucracy and give you the security of knowing that your business is legally sound.


Profit makes or breaks a business! You will learn the Industry secrets that makes sure you get the very best revenues to maximise your profit.


Slick operations are at the heart of delivering a great customer experience. We show you how to deliver a world class service that delivers your USP (Unique Selling Point).

Discover How You Can Build Your Very Own Profitable Airbnb using other peoples’ properties…FAST!

First things first, a statement from Julian (Director): “I’m genuinely passionate about helping aspiring business folk, entrepreneurs, property investors, and Experts to build Epic Empires, and enjoy the financial rewards that comes .

So, my business partner and I have been working with private partners, coaching and mentoring them, helping them to source properties and build their own Serviced Accommodation portfolios.

If you ARE able to give your total, 100% commitment then I’d love to work with you.

Learn How To Copy Our Proven Success Formula…

Peace Property Education have gained a reputation as the ‘go-to’ guys for building successful serviced accommodation businesses using other peoples’ properties.

Here are just a few of our achievements from the past year alone. We’ve:

Built a portfolio from 0-20 SA’s in less than 12 months, with ZERO money, using reinvested profits.

Seen a continued growth in profits, month on month.

Our unique marketing and direct bookings systems allow us (and you!) to save thousands in online travel agent commissions. We will be working TOGETHER.

This means devising a strategic plan together, working on the marketing together and generating leads together. but you’ll need to be prepared to put in the hours too.

You will will work closely with us over the next 6 months to set up your business and maximise sales and profits.

For more details about the unique and highly-profitable serviced accomodation or learn to earn money using Airbnb program, please complete the enquiry form today.