Our Story

We’re husband and wife team, Dr.Patrick and Julian Businge, and we work closely with those that seek to shape their destinies and secure financial freedom through sound property investments like serviced Apartments or rent to rent properties.With the right support, education and training, nothing should stand in the way of achieving your dreams.

we have a portfolio of over 10 serviced apartments in the Luton city center.before starting out officially we were renting out a spare room at the back of our house through Airbnb then a year later ,we started running the business in may 2016 .we decided to get property education,and coaching .We attended various courses with Legacy Education, Progressive Property ,Intelligent Property and Les Brown Insititute . These courses included: lease options, buy to let, rent to rent, commercial conversion, houses of multiple occupation, raising finance, and serviced accommodation and personal development . With these property education providers, we expanded our knowledge on how to invest safely in property, source properties, and raise funds.Using influential and inspirational training and a mentorship approach that is frank, straightforward and systemised, we add strategy and logic to your investment thinking and support you to realise your dreams.

So if you yearn for true financial stability and wish to change your destiny through hard work, positive action and self-development, let us show you how.

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