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A travel plan is easy to make when you’re going out with friends and family. While planning to travel anywhere, one of the major thing that matters for a friendly and comfortable journey is the accommodation. Many times, people opt for certain hotels as per their budget, but they don’t enjoy the quality of their stay. Whilst providing you the utmost privacy in your own budget, serviced apartments also ensures a calm and serene ambiance along with no infringement to your solitude.

A traveler will always look for several things while planning a trip, and if that person is a frequent traveler, then he will always be in hurry to make the decisions quick. But looking at the practicality, a person will always look for cost-efficient leisure facilities and more living space. That’s where serviced-apartments come in! It’s a niche category for staying in a new city, where you can have the luxury to stay like a local. Where a top class hotel will cost you a bomb for such rooms, serviced-apartments will give you a better stay at a reasonable price. Having said that, serviced apartments aren’t suited to everyone’s travel needs: they are specifically designed for people who are often on-the-go and travel far away from home, yet want to enjoy the same degree of comfort and luxury they enjoy back in their own home.

Taking cue from the reviews and feedback given by frequent business travelers on various travel websites such as Airbnb and Lonely Planet, it comes to the notice that some serviced-apartments providers just don’t comply with the services that their customers are assured. Many a times, it has been reported that the features, luxuries and services promised are not there, and the traveler feels cheated. In such cases, we highlight the top 5 features and facilities you can ask from your property manager or just look forward to, while searching for a serviced apartment for yourself or your family.


When you plan for your travel, the first thing that you’ll look for is the location. It’s one of the important features that a person will ask for, and it’s always good to double-check the location as sometimes as the location mentioned might not be as convenient as you initially thought. As a traveller, you can do your bit of research by considering how close the apartment is to sights and attractions, how closely it is linked with transport in the city; and last but the least, if you are going for a business trip, see how far the apartment’s location is to the intended place of business. All these factors are equally important as you make your decision.

Orientation and Welcome kit/packs

Serviced apartments make the traveler feel right at home, without the long bills raised by the hotel in which he had stayed. Mineral water, tea/coffee or a seasonal fruit juice on arrival can be of great impact on a traveler, as he wouldn’t be in a frame of mind to go to a grocery store.

Arrangements with local service providers.
This is another important aspect of a serviced apartment provider! A person on the go always looks for the best services in any traveling experience, and if you get some gym/swimming pool memberships or negotiated deals with local restaurants, travelling becomes icing on the cake! An important feature of any serviced-apartment is the deals that it provides to its prospective customer. A traveler will always go for the better deals while opting for a serviced apartment in a new place. Whether it’s a short stay or a long one, health and fitness is important, so a service provider should look into these services.

Kitchen equipment
To make a traveller feel at home, a serviced apartment must provide fully-equipped kitchen. A traveller may look for a fridge, cooking appliances such as a microwave oven, crockery, cutlery, washing up facilities, etc. These all are some of the basic equipment that a traveller demands.

Excellent quality mattresses
The most important requirement of a regular traveller is to get a good night’s sleep and for that some excellent quality bedding and mattresses are the key. It plays a major role in a guest’s stay at least. Many a times, frequent travellers have posted negative reviews after staying in luxury serviced apartments that they had uncomfortable stay and didn’t sleep properly, leading to chronic pain. Few years ago, a poll by National Sleep Foundation had found that 92 percent of people said that a comfy mattress is an important aspect for a good night’s sleep. It turns out that there is a strong positive correlation between mattresses and health, so watch out for these signs!

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Julian Businge
Julian Businge
Julian Businge ,is an Author,property and business coach ,trainer in serviced accommodation.She is creative, enthusiastic.she helps her clients make money through property even when they don’t own it.

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