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Les Brown is one of the people from whom i draw my inspiration from. He speaks a lot of sense to me and for this reason, lets learn something from him through this blog.

From the above video, Here are some key takeaways:

If you are going through hard times, it has not come to stay, it has come to pass!” ~ Les Brown
No matter what, have faith
We must have faith to believe that we already have whatever it is that we envision for ourselves in life. It is that kind of faith that will cause you and I to rise up from the hard times and begin to call things that have not yet come into existence as if they already did. (Romans 4:17) Believe that there is a higher power who already know that our outcome is going to be successful.

Remain patient
Too many are looking for instant gratification but know that not everything is going to happen the same time we want it to. Everything takes time. Still we must not give in or quit. It will happen. Remain patient while we learn the many facet in life, and even learn about ourselves and others.

Your actions must be consistent
Every day we must do something that will move us forward in the direction of our goals. Our consistent actions must also be positive and be in harmony with our thoughts.

Believe in yourself
We must believe that our dreams, ideas, our goals are possible and also believe that we have what it takes to make them work in our favor. Write down each goal, surround ourselves with people that are supportive and be ready to take personal responsibility to make it happen.

Did this video motivate you to take action? What if any of these key takeaways can you fit into your life?

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Julian Businge
Julian Businge
Julian Businge ,is an Author,property and business coach ,trainer in serviced accommodation.She is creative, enthusiastic.she helps her clients make money through property even when they don’t own it.

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